Flavour is a peer-reviewed, open access, online journal that publishes interdisciplinary articles on flavour, its generation and perception, and its influence on behaviour and nutrition. The journal publishes articles from all relevant disciplines including neuroscience, genetics, food chemistry, sensory science, psychology and philosophy.


  • Peter Barham, University of Bristol
  • Per Møller, University of Copenhagen


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"I'm looking forward to reading exciting new scientific results on the science of taste and flavour that I can apply in my kitchen in the new journal Flavour."

Heston Blumenthal, OBE, GQ Chef of the Year 2010
Founder of The Fat Duck, Berkshire

"I welcome any initiative, which will give chefs easier access to the latest scientific landmarks within the world of food and flavours. And I believe that is exactly what the journal Flavour will do. Looking very much forward to it on behalf of both noma and Nordic Food Lab."

Peter Kreiner, Direktør/Director Noma (voted S.Pellegrino's World's Best Restaurant 2010)
NordicFoodLab, Copenhagen

"Many patients with cancer and other long lasting diseases lose weight and suffer severely from malnutrition. The main reason is inadequate food intake and it appears that changes in sensory requirements play a major role. Flavour can become a very useful journal for the necessary scientific development in this area."

Professor Jens Kondrup, Dr Med Sci
Department of Human Nutrition, University of Copenhagen
Senior physician, Nutrition Unit, Rigshospitalet University Hospital, Copenhagen

"It is possible, it might even be very smart, to combat obesity, global warming and the over-exploitation of our planet, with deliciousness as a weapon. I am sure that Flavour will give us crucial insight in the pleasure giving qualities of food."

Claus Meyer, co-founder of Noma (voted S.Pellegrino's World's Best Restaurant 2010)
Affiliated Professor, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen

"The sensation of taste is perhaps the most important dimension of cooking. Flavour is an exciting journal that will present the latest scientific discoveries in this important area, with implications for anyone who cares about food."

Nathan Myhrvold, co-author of Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking
Founder and CEO, Intellectual Ventures

Science of taste: special issue
The genetics and neuroscience of flavour
Proceedings of workshop

Editors' profiles

Per Møller

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Per Møller

"In recent years, there has been an enormous increase in knowledge related to flavour, from the fields of physics, chemistry, psychology, neuroscience and, most recently, the new field of molecular gastronomy. I hope that Flavour will provide a forum for scientists interested in flavour and that it will facilitate understanding of the ways flavour shapes our world; from pleasure to its broader effects on food choice, behaviour and health."

Peter Barham

Bristol University (UK) & Royal Veterinary University in Copenhagen, Denmark

Peter Barham

"I am passionate about good food and cooking, so I hope that the articles in Flavour will not only further our understanding of all the processes that go to developing and appreciating the flavour of the food we eat, but will also provide me, and many others with new ideas to try out in our own kitchens so we can prepare ever better dishes."

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